Why words like Startups, Coworking, Freelancers and Entrepreneurs are causing serious harm to the Younger Generation

Listen to this please. It’s a real dose of reality to save people from themselves.

There is a huge social media thing going on at the moment trying to convince people that these words are the cool new future:

Entrepreneurs – Startups – Coworking – Freelancers.

I am an eternal optimist, but also a rare breed in some ways, and I hate to see people moving through life being deceived by rubbish. It is very dangerous when you give people false hope and their expectations aren’t realised. This can lead to serious mental depression.

The new hip thing is that we can all work from where we like, and that we all have the possibility to be the next new startup or entrepreneur in this amazing space.

Here are a few real observations from a real, lifelong entrepreneur.

Only 10% of businesses worth anything make it in their first shot, at most. This means, that to be a real entrepreneur (not the perceived social media entrepreneur), you should be prepared to fail up to 9 times before you succeed, which could take years or decades. You will be ridiculed and laughed at behind your back as a failure in society throughout your whole journey through those possible 9 failures, and can you handle that?

Yes, there are those who get lucky now and again, and we all know their names. 90% of articles in social and mainstream media are about them, but remember that they are only 10% of the 10%, which is 1% that made it big.

Yes, they all worked hard and long hours, but so did the other 90% who failed.

Take it from me, 90% of freelancers are a waste of time, and you have to dig and dig and dig to find the 10% that are worthwhile working with.

In the case of online marketers, I would say that 99% are a waste of time, which means that to form a real, good impression of how to do things right, you would need to hire 100 “experts” to become in any way knowledgeable.

Seeking investment from angel investors or VCs is the same thing as looking for fools who happen to be good at gathering other people’s money to take risks with. 70% of their investments go south. Think about it – if they were of any use, they would have created something themselves.

Be very aware of so called “business gurus”. These are another breed of people who never created anything themselves, but are experts in telling you how to.

If you want to be a real entrepreneur, be ready to:

  • Be laughed at
  • Looked down upon with pity
  • Work twice as long as anyone else
  • Spend a huge amount of time in loneliness
  • Feel like sh*t within yourself every time you fail, apart from what others think of you.

Now the upside.

  • There is nothing more satisfying than coming up with a plan and turning it into reality.
  • Once you have cracked it, the whole of society thinks you are a genius, and they all want a part of you. But be careful – they are the exact same people who trampled, laughed at and pitied you.

The bottom line is that unless you have the balls to ignore what others think or say about you and, most importantly, you decide to enjoy the journey rather than exist on the expectations of success, stay a million miles away from this new social media driven hype of entrepreneurs and startups. It’s causing serious harm to the younger generation.

Just be clear from the start please, for your own good.

Here is my own attitude and philosophy, which contradicts all of the above, but I have realistic expectations and I love the journey. The only thing I can do wrong is not to try…