I often question my own sanity, and so do many others around me…

When those who are close to me see me selling my own home and using the funds to financially support the Hogo projects, they are convinced I’m mad, and they could very well be right! There are times I question my own sanity, but thank God, these times are not very often. I suppose it’s good to question yourself now and again, as long as you don’t do too much of it.

Maybe I’m writing this to convince myself more than anyone else that I’m right, but here are the reasons I took on the Hogo projects, and why I’m so passionate about them.

Last Christmas, at the age of 54, I exited the leather business after 27 years, and handed control over to my eldest son. While I was very happy to leave the business behind me for various good reasons, I didn’t exactly have pockets full of cash, which was mainly due to the greed of a couple of people – but that doesn’t bother me at all. As a matter of fact, their greed inspired me to create Hogo Dignity Wage in the first place.

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Our Education System: More Choices for our Children

Our education system is in serious need of urgent attention. We continue to pump loads of useless information into kids' heads, and judge them at 17 years of age on how much of that useless information they can retain. The biggest problem with this is that apart from...

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More Tolerance and Respect from and for ALL Human Beings

Any violence that occurs outside of self defence is the work of the unintelligent. What a disaster to see so many young lives terminated and families left in complete despair in Manchester. What I don't like is the imbalance in the western media. There are countless...

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R.I.P. Martin McGuinness

Martin McGuinness to me was never a man who set out to be involved in any violence. Some people have made statements about his early days and a lot of media commentators asked interviewees about how the victims of the IRA would feel this week. I for sure would not...

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Making More Land In Ireland

In Ireland the Irish have a saying that God isn't going to make any more land, meaning that land is a fantastic long term investment. The hunger for the Irish to own land originates from the days of British rule, when each family was given a tiny piece of land to grow...

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The Cause Why Most Businesses Fail: Greed and Ego

I recently had the pleasure of having a few quiet pints with a retiring common sense solicitor who spent 40 years specialising in corporate liquidations. He has liquidated thousands of companies over his career. I asked him what would he say was the cause of most...

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Fantastic Alternative to Bridges

This floating tunnel is a decent alternative to a bridge, for sure. Wouldn't want to get a belt of a passing ship though! I wonder, will we all be travelling with some form of helicopter/drone in a few years' time, with no use for roads or cars? Maybe this tunnel...

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