Our Education System: More Choices for our Children

Our education system is in serious need of urgent attention. We continue to pump loads of useless information into kids’ heads, and judge them at 17 years of age on how much of that useless information they can retain. The biggest problem with this is that apart from telling kids that their whole future depends on the results of this bullsh*t, is the fact that it is killing their natural creativity and positive energy.

The human brain has a certain capacity and if you encourage kids to fill 90% of that capacity with irrelevant rubbish, what result do you expect?

It is one thing if a kid has a real interest in history or geography, or whatever, and they should be allowed to pursue it, but to ram all of the subjects down one’s throat that they have no interest in is a complete waste of time and resources – the kids’ time and resources, and not the system’s.

Take a kid that has a serious interest in biology and medicine, but couldn’t give a toss about history, Irish or geography. They won’t get enough points in their final second level exams to do medicine, and yet they would make the best doctors, for obvious reasons.

The bottom line is that we need to give kids the freedom to decide much earlier to follow their own instincts and to encourage them as best we can.

Sure, some kids won’t know what they want to do or what direction to go until a later age, which is fine – but don’t restrict the ones that feel they do, and force them to waste their time proving themselves in a system that has no relevance to them.

In 1979, at 14 years of age, I could have decided to spend another few years in school so that I could spell properly, but it was obvious that Google would emerge 25 years later with a spellchecker, and it would have been a waste of time!

Seriously, a good education system would be one that encourages kids to follow their instincts and dreams, and to drip-feed them snippets of all kinds of possibilities, until they find their passion…