More Tolerance and Respect from and for ALL Human Beings

Any violence that occurs outside of self defence is the work of the unintelligent. What a disaster to see so many young lives terminated and families left in complete despair in Manchester.

What I don’t like is the imbalance in the western media. There are countless accounts of schools and hospitals been bombed by the British forces and the invasion of Iraq due to weapons of mass destruction that were a threat to the UK, but never existed. When these poor kids died in these countries, just like the poor kids in Manchester last night, they received two minutes of western media time, and yet Sky News will go on and on and on for weeks about the Manchester incident. They are right to do so in my opinion, because it’s wrong, but they should also do so for the kids who have died on the other side.


Will the human race ever wake up to the fact that we have different religions and different cultures, but we are all human beings and should stand together as such in a tolerant and respectful manner. The truth is that most of us humans do understand this, but sometimes I wonder about nations who elect politicians that are more interested in building walls than bridges.

Regardless, I wish some kind of peace and love to all the injured and the relatives who have been bereaved…