About Barry

In Barry’s own words

The fact that I left the education system at 14 years of age has had way more positive consequences on my life than negative ones, but that’s probably more to do with the reason I left in the first place.

I wanted to learn faster, and the education system on offer was too slow and narrow minded. For example, what I wanted to know about history could have been taught to me in a week, and I wasn’t going to waste 6 years studying it. On the other hand, I had a fascination for cars, economics, equal opportunity for all, and how we are going to move forward over the next 10 to 20 years at any point in time, and I have been happy to continue learning all my life as time allowed.

For better or for worse, leaving school so young has left me with a very open mind which has allowed me to look at issues from a very different perspective. I love learning from people who know a lot more than I do on topics that I’m interested in, and I hope you can find something interesting from what I have already learned so far…


To find out more about Barry’s life story, please view the video below (adults only!)