Work with Barry

What’s it like working with Barry?

Barry has never lost a good employee in his 30 years of doing business across many sectors, and there are three main reasons for that.

The first is, that he likes to create an atmosphere that is fun as well as exciting, even when the pressure is on.

The second is, that he cares about his employees and partners in a way that most others don’t, and he always believes in promoting people towards their maximum ability and to encourage their advancement at every opportunity.

And the third is, that he was never asked for a pay rise because he always got to the employee first when he thought he or she deserved one!


Journalists Wanted

I have built a website called Real Global Democracy, on which I posted a few articles to give the general feel of the way I would like to see the website develop.

I am looking for a few journalists who have the same beliefs as myself to start contributing to the website and sharing its content with others.

If this is you, please get in touch.

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