Stylish Sofas by Barry J. Murphy

As most of you know by now, Barry is the fifth generation of an Irish leather business based in Cork, Ireland. Despite all of his contacts in the furniture business around the world he could not find a sofa that he really liked for his own home.

The idea came to him because he obviously had quality leather to start with, so he thought it was best to find a manufacturer to partner up with and make a sofa that he would like. 

Barry's own words:

"I started this journey as it is explained above and then, after a lot of interviewing, found myself a fantastic architect to work with in the most unusual of places to design the furniture with me (more to be revealed later!).

My next step was to go to different countries and visit some manufacturing facilities to see if they would be interested in producing the sofa for me. While they all agreed that they would love to produce the sofa, there were problems with price and lead times which didn't suit me. 

Following this, my plan was to interview a few very qualified and experienced production managers and to select one with a view to building our own small boutique manufacturing plant in Turkey.

Why Turkey? Because the quality of tanning our hides is excellent and 30% less expensive than in Italy. Also, there is an abundance of very high quality and experienced furniture manufacturing personnel available.

At the moment, we are building prototypes and we should be in full production by the end of 2018, if the wind remains behind us!

The exciting part of this sofa is that it is modular, and can be ordered in 30 different configurations and in 9 different colours.

We are also in the process of designing a beautiful leather bed, nappa leather curtains and leather wall panels, and I will post the images here once we have them ready.

It is a great feeling to be using our own cattle hides, which up to now we have been selling to different manufacturers to produce furniture.

Any good chef will tell you that the first thing you need to get right are the ingredients, and we have the very best of raw leather which has been used for years in the production of all the famous brands of bags, shoes, automotive and furniture."


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