Exciting Times Ahead!

Exciting Times Ahead!
7th June 2018 Barry J. Murphy

Any of you that already have had the good fortune to make my acquaintance, will know that I am always coming up with new ideas and projects. Some have worked very well and continue to years later, and others have dived faster than lead from a roof.  All of these experiences have taught me to be more careful and watch for the pitfalls that could exist before committing.

As I write this, I am also mindful of the fact that the successful projects which are still running years later might not have occurred if I had been too careful in the past – a balancing act!

Over the last three or four years I have been playing around with different concepts. Some of these have serious potential, and others not so much, but even the journey following the ones which don’t have potential taught me something or other, which is of benefit to the ones that do….

After analysing all my work over the past few years, I have decided to launch one very big project and one smaller one for now. The other two or three will wait until these are completed.

I am really looking forward to recruiting the worldwide team on Upwork, who will assist me with these two ventures.

After all the analysis, thinking, building, meetings, scraps of paper and travelling, it’s time to hit the “GO” button.

Let the rollercoaster roll!

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