Ireland – a Financial Basket Case

Ireland – a Financial Basket Case
8th June 2017 Barry J. Murphy

Ireland is a financial basket case and the economy is completely f*cked.

We are the fastest growing economy in Europe yet again. Remember the last time we were the jewel of Europe from 2002 to 2008? How great we were, and apparently we are now again?


We have a massive homeless problem and even less apparent, but just as detrimental, is the plight of hard working people who are struggling to a point of despair to make ends meet. These are the silent sufferers trying to put a brave face outwards.

So how do we fix this?

It’s not complicated at all. Three simple steps:

1) We need to provide high-end housing for professionals who wish to relocate here and set up new companies. Their taxes will help provide shelter for our homeless people. Enterprise Ireland are wasting their time and taxpayers’ money trying to attract companies to set up here if they have nowhere to house their employees.

2) We need to keep the price of property under control by using CPOs and re-zoning to free up lots of land for construction so that the supply is much stronger than the demand.

3 ) We need to control the overburdened planning process without creating a “free for all”, but using common sense.

Yes, we have a great young educated population. Yes, we are probably going to be the only English speaking country left in the EU. Yes, we are a very sociable, easy to get on with people. But for all of that, we have no hope of fixing our ridiculous health service, our homeless people’s situation or anyone else, if we can’t provide reasonable high-end housing for high-end taxpayers who might like to relocate here…

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