Trump’s Insult to U.S. Department of Immigration Staff

Trump’s Insult to U.S. Department of Immigration Staff
10th February 2017 Barry J. Murphy

Has anyone noticed that Trump has seriously insulted the staff of the U.S. Dept of Immigration with his seven country ban? The ban stops people who were very carefully screened and who were granted legitimate visas entering the country. What he is saying here, is that he does not trust the immigration staff of his own country.

He doesn’t really care about it, I suppose, given the fact that he also thinks the judiciary are a bunch of clowns. I wonder, is he stupid enough to insult the military as well, which might spark a military coup?!

I also wonder, will his effort to bring jobs back to America backfire on him with this total disregard for his new found employees? It seems to me that any U.S. company and their staff with intelligence and dignity who can relocate to another jurisdiction should be planning to do so, rather than support Trump by paying taxes in the USA. There was a certain type of voter who believed all of his bare-faced election lies, and perhaps they are the ones who should be left to live and run the USA alone as they see fit.

Maybe the rest of us should do our bit by trying to avoid purchasing U.S. goods. And yes, I am aware I am posting this on a U.S. owned platform which leads me to think that someone should create an alternative platform called “Globalbook”, unless of course Facebook jump ship from the USA.

Two U.S. anti-Trump supporters created a website called “” which was set up to encourage people to stop supporting Trump companies. Ivanka Trump has a clothes fashion line which was kicked out of the Nordstrom chain of retail shops due to slow sales within weeks. People do have power!

Perhaps there are internal Facebook staff with the necessary experience who would like to set up “Globalbook” outside the USA!

In the meantime, we can only hope that there are enough republicans with balls to vote against his more stupid ideals…

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