Right Wing / Left Wing and Trumpists

Right Wing / Left Wing and Trumpists
29th November 2016 Barry J. Murphy

I don’t know if there will ever be true peace in the world, but I am fairly sure that it will never come about as long as each and every citizen of the world does not have equal opportunity, and the only way this can happen is complete free movement of all people and goods through all countries without restriction. No one has the right to tell another human being where they can and can’t go or sell their products on this planet. Nationalistic protective policies by the restrictive 5% of insecure people in the world is the largest problem we have.

A good example: Rosberg won the F1 title this year, but who did he compete against? Only 5% of the world’s population had the financial ability to let their child go go-kart racing in the first place! If the other 95% had the same access, Rosberg would probably at best end up in the top 100. A big achievement in itself!

Build bridges, not walls! Welcome any decent people from wherever and keep clear of arseholes, regardless of where they are from, is my humble philosophy.building-bridges

Over 100 short years ago, the Irish were considered peasants by a certain class in the UK. Now Irish people contribute massively to the UK economy at very high levels and Irish companies are in a dominant position in industries like cement production, fruit distribution, meat production and many more. The same will happen to any nationality who is given the opportunity, whether they are Mexicans, Muslims or anyone else.

In my short time back home for a few months, I have ended up dealing with a lot of Polish people in very high positions in both the government and private sectors. Fantastic, helpful people to deal with and great to see them rising to those levels in the few short years that they have had access to the EU labour market. No Irish person worth their salt has anything to fear from the Polish or anyone else, but the rest of the Irish do, and that’s as it should be!

I have also noticed that there is a certain % of people who came to Ireland and got citizenship. The very second they got citizenship they wanted the doors closed behind them to keep others out, even from their own country of origin.

The human being is a very funny breed of creature at times!!!

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