Slow Pace of the Irish Government after Brexit

Slow Pace of the Irish Government after Brexit
31st July 2016 Barry J. Murphy

I have read many articles about the possible outcomes for Ireland due to the Brexit vote. All kinds of specialists writing about what could happen next, and how Ireland could benefit from the UK referendum result.

What should Ireland do to make the most of the situation and how?

If I was Taoiseach (prime minister) a month ago, I would have instructed the IDA to purchase large parcels of land in four or five designated locations around the country to build brand new “smart cities” on. These would be cities with middle to high-end housing, office space, golf courses, schools and retail areas. This would ensure that we could attract large companies and, more importantly, their staff, using not only financial incentives but also offering a very decent, safe quality of life. If each smart city was developed to attract, let’s say, 20,000 personnel, that would be an extra 100,000 employees paying income tax into the Irish system.

The most important aspect to any company’s decision on where to set up is the pool of available qualified staff, which means you have to offer staff a good quality of life, decent accommodation at an affordable level, top end office accommodation, security and decent lifestyle facilities.

One month has been lost already, which is a shame, considering we are the only English speaking country left in the EU, and we need to take advantage of that as soon as possible!

Read more in this article: ‘Multinational companies won’t have a problem investing in Cork instead of Dublin’

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