Brexit – Professor Michael Dougan on UK after Vote to Leave

Brexit – Professor Michael Dougan on UK after Vote to Leave
10th July 2016 Barry J. Murphy

Please share this if you agree a second referendum should be organised immediately.

Common Sense must prevail fast, and very fast, in the UK. Every single adult UK citizen needs to watch this video which I came across on Jonathan Hargreaves’ Facebook page.

Here are the main points, but please watch it yourself and share this wherever you can if you support the idea of an immediate second referendum.

  1. The leave campaign told downright massive lies which influenced well-meaning decent people to vote in a way that they now know is far from in their best interest.
  2. The leave campaign then ran a mile away from their responsibilities.
  3. All of the negative financial predictions by the remain side and much more have come into play, which was described by the leave campaign as scaremongering. Now you see, it’s not scaremongering, but reality.
  4. David Cameron has been blamed in certain circles for the outcome by holding a referendum at all. He believes in democracy and the result is the fault of Farage and Johnson, not Cameron. It should be an offense which is punishable with a long prison sentence to misrepresent the facts. They didn’t give different opinions, they told blatant factual lies.
  5. David Cameron should immediately withdraw his resignation, take control, and again immediately call a second referendum ASAP.

Last but not least, let me add that I am an Irish citizen who disagrees with many economists when they say that the UK leaving the EU will have a negative effect on the Irish economy. I am convinced 100% that it will have a positive effect on the Irish economy, but I also firmly believe that it’s not in anyone’s interest whatsoever to build walls instead of bridges, regardless of nationality.

I also believe that the majority of UK citizens who have been misinformed by downright liars would agree with me.

Why pull Britain into a massive meltdown with enormous consequences based on liars? Watch the video.

Please share this, and Mr Cameron do take action now yourself and don’t let this bunch of liars beat you. If you lost the campaign based on facts, then fine, but that’s not the case and don’t walk away like the liars did.

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