Education Systems, Intelligence and Ambition

Education Systems, Intelligence and Ambition
18th May 2016 Barry J. Murphy

Intelligence, education and ambition can be a fantastic combination, but education without intelligence and ambition is worse than useless.

I happen to have very strong views on education systems, which might appear funny to some, given the fact that I parted ways with the education system at 14 years of age!

The amount of time and the cost of that time spent ramming useless information into students’ heads to get a piece of paper from some institution is incredible and mind blowing in my opinion. It has two serious flaws.

The first is that it is taking precious head space from the student who could be using the same head space to create something new and worthwhile, and the second is that it is costing either the student or their parents a fortune on fees.

Most students will tell you that they could have completed their degree in two years instead of four if they had put their minds to it, or if they were allowed to do so by the system. They would also tell you that they only used 20% of what they were forced to learn after they qualified.

For sure, I understand and respect the benefits of education or, maybe better put, the benefits of information. But in my lifetime I always found the information I needed very quickly when there was a good reason to know it.

Let’s take a look at a few different types of typical students:

  1. Mammy and Daddy tell him/her that they will be nothing without a degree, so they go to university to keep them happy, but it’s not a bad deal, because their parents will support them and for the most part it’s a long four year paid-for party. Basically, they are in a crèche for teenagers, and all are happy! These guys usually come out good in the end, but they have lost precious creative years along the way at serious expense and they can be very institutionalised for life.
  2. A student has a genuine interest in their course or subject and these are the students who go on to get a PhD and spend a lot of time on research. Useful people, who are trying to push the boundaries of their particular field, and are creative for the most part. At the same time these students will tell you that they had to pack their heads with a load of useless information just to get to the point to be allowed to do a PhD in their chosen specialty.  More time wasting!
  3. Then there is the student who goes to university and after a year or two realises that the system is slowing down their ambition, and the walk away from it. Mammy and Daddy are not happy because their darling is now a drop-out. The truth is that these types of ex-students are often the ones who end up employing those who stayed at university and got the forever precious piece of paper. The reason is quite simple, and that is because they have balls to stand up and ambition to get on faster than the system allows. They are confident enough to believe in their own ability.

Would it not be much better if students were allowed to study modules that suited their desired career paths? For example, a business student decides “I want to do a module on social media marketing”, another on basic accounting and a third on basic entrepreneurship. These three modules are completed in three six month parts, and off they go out into the big bad world after 18 months, and they haven’t wasted their time studying lots of business material which they have no interest in – just to get a piece of paper.

If you are the third type of student mentioned above, I would love to hear from you and possibly have the opportunity to work together with you in the future.

Take a look here and see if this suits you as an alternative…

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