Turning Ideas Into Reality

Turning Ideas Into Reality
5th April 2016 Barry J. Murphy

For some strange reason the cogs in my head started thinking about how we could create more startups in Ireland, and one thought crossed my mind immediately – there are a great many government backed supports for startups in Ireland, but how many people with good ideas know about these supports?

I have often met 13-year-olds with great ideas, or someone who is working in a very basic job and wouldn’t even know what the IDA is, but could still have a very good business idea rattling around in their head. Many people never do anything about it because they don’t know where to start from.

Here is a very simple solution, in my humble opinion. The government should put a nice, trendy office on a high street in every city and major town in Ireland called “welcometomyidea.ie”. In that office there should be a number of staff who would welcome and listen to anyone who came through the door with an idea, and simply direct them in the right direction, ask them the right questions, and help them make appointments with the relevant agencies, banks or whoever will help them on their way.

This has to be a fantastic use of government funds and will open up the door to hundreds, if not thousands, of people who might be sitting on good ideas and not know what to do with them.

I was talking to a few adults a couple of years ago, complaining about how difficult it was to get app developers. A 13-year-old overheard my conversation and said “why don’t we build an app to teach people how to build apps”?

This is just one very small example of what could be achieved…

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