Why Do We All Work During The Day?

Why Do We All Work During The Day?
30th March 2016 Barry J. Murphy

Isn’t it amazing how the human race keeps following each other blindly, without question?

People are stuck working in offices and kids stuck in schools during daylight hours, and why? Would it not make a lot more sense to have schools and offices open at 4 or 5 pm until 10/11pm in the evenings? Most people could then do so many outdoor activities during the day which they couldn’t do in the evenings!

You don’t need daylight to be in an office or a school. Wouldn’t we all be more active and healthy this way? Okay, there are certain types of work like farming or construction which you do need daylight for, but the list of roles that could be conducted in the evenings is as long as your arm. This is so simple an idea, and so beneficial, that I am laughing at the idea that it took me 50 years to discover it for myself!

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