Equal Opportunity for ALL Citizens of the Globe

Equal Opportunity for ALL Citizens of the Globe
28th March 2016 Barry J. Murphy

There is now a much better chance for people from anywhere in the world to better themselves, including third world countries, thanks to technology. I am a firm believer that every citizen of the world should have equal opportunity to get ahead in life, in whichever way they desire, regardless of race, colour, sexual orientation or nationality. A child in remote Africa can now educate itself using a laptop or tablet, and with either satellite or a 3G internet connection.

One of my dreams is to help speed up and facilitate underprivileged people to avail themselves of theses technological advances. This seems to me to be a two-fold project. The first would be to enlist the help of a few teachers to create an online syllabus for kids to follow, which would be especially designed to take into account their culture and needs.

Poor mother and children in AfricaThe idea would be that from the very second the child turned on the device, he or she would be able to move forward from there completely independently. Of course, it could also be used in a classroom/group situation, which would be much more healthy from an interaction point of view.

The second part obviously is to buy laptops and internet connections, which I am quite happy to do. If Bill Gates happens to be your father, we will gladly accept a little help from him too, or anyone else for that matter! This dream of mine will have to wait for about 12 months due to work (if you could call it that!) that I have already committed to, but I couldn’t think of a better way to spend time, giving people the opportunity to educate themselves right from the age of 4 years old up to and through college online, and watching them take their rightful place in the world, without even moving from their home.

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