Technology is improving our Lives so much – or is it?

Technology is improving our Lives so much – or is it?
22nd March 2016 Barry J. Murphy

There is an argument that has been raging for the last decade or so on whether or not technology is improving our lives. Some would say “yes, without a doubt”, while others tend to feel that technology has taken away some of the personal interaction we used to have and would prefer to go back to a life with less technology.

Think about it logically though – would you not be happier sharing a conversation over Skype with someone you found interesting and who shared the same interests, rather than having a chat leaning over the garden fence, making small talk conversation with a neighbour that you had very little in common with? Which would be the more enjoyable and stimulating conversation to you? Deciding who we spend time with, either online or offline is important to the way we feel.

218px-Texting_while_sunbathingOf course, it’s always nice to be polite to those around us, acquaintances and colleagues, but it is much more appropriate to spend the time staying in contact with people we respect, can share parts of our lives with and who have the same outlook on life, whatever the medium we choose to do it through.

Selecting how you spend your time online is important, as is how you choose to spend your time offline – finding the right balance between technology and our lifestyles. Technology has advanced very quickly in the last decade with more exciting developments yet to come. The future will be filled with more items that can alter our lives and it is up to us to choose how or if we use them.

Facts About Technology

  • A massive 160 billion e-mails are sent each and every day – with up to 97% of them being spam! Most e-mail providers luckily have their own spam filters.
  • Approximately 3 million mobile phones are sold daily, which is a huge amount, especially compared to the average of 370,000 babies born around the globe each day.
  • There is an estimated 1.8 billion people connected to the internet globally.
  • 200 tons of CO2 are released daily by the use of Google searches only. That’s 1 billion searches and a lot of CO2 produced.
  • YouTube users upload around 24 hours worth of videos every minute.

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