Alcoholic’s Son Makes It Big Time

Alcoholic’s Son Makes It Big Time
18th March 2016 Barry J. Murphy

I remember years ago watching an interview with a very famous actor. The interviewer asked him how he became so successful given the fact that he had no mother from a young age and his father was an alcoholic. This was his answer:

“My dad is responsible for my success because, despite the fact that he was a serious alcoholic and always drunk, he told me that he loved me three times a day, and that he was sure that I was going to have a very successful life. I simply believed him.”

There may also be a second reason why he was so successful. With an alcoholic dad he probably had great freedom from a young age with very little control.

Perhaps there is a lesson in this story. Tell your kids you love them often, that you believe in them, give them plenty of freedom to be themselves and the rest will work out fine…

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