The Moving Story of Gordon Wilson

The Moving Story of Gordon Wilson
10th March 2016 Barry J. Murphy

Around 1968 there was a civil rights march in Belfast, when the authorities opened fire on the protesters. This was the start of a 30 year conflict in Northern Ireland between Catholics and Protestants, in which over 3,000 people lost their lives.

On 8 November 1987 a bomb planted by the Provisional IRA exploded during Enniskillen’s Remembrance Day parade. A man by the name of Gordon Wilson was seriously injured and his daughter died in his arms.

rememberance day bombingGordon asked people to pray for those who planted the bomb and to forgive them. He went on until his death in 1995 to campaign tirelessly for peace in Northern Ireland.
How easy it would have been for him to react in a very different way towards those who killed his beloved daughter, but Gordon understood that it was those exact aspirations of revenge were the ingredients that kept the whole war alive, and the cycle had to be broken, regardless of his own heartbreak.
Belfast march
He was a huge man, who could see the big picture, even in the blackest of darkness, and understood that love and compassion were much stronger then any bullet.
May he rest peacefully and may his memory be an inspiration to all those who are participating in any kind of violence towards others,regardless of their reasons.

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