Barry's Current Projects


We are going to grow natural plant advertising in good, visible areas in over 900 locations worldwide.

We already have an agreement with a well known global brand to provide this worldwide service, subject to us collectively being in a position to lease the plots of ground that we have already identified in each location.

This is a fantastic example of a global team plan that our franchisees can make happen collectively, with very decent returns for time spent.

Apart from it being the most environmentally friendly way of advertising, it will be amazing to see it executed right around the world. There is no franchisee fee to be paid, but we do expect first class representatives.





One of Barry's smaller projects which he is going to promote across all EU countries in the near future - only five or six members per EU country, so that we get a nice mix.


One of Barry's main beliefs: take power from the few and distribute it to the many. The many will make much better decisions, and for the right reasons.

Barry also has other very interesting and rewarding global projects coming up in the near future,
and will be happy to include those who worked successfully on the GreenAdz project, going forward...

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