Barry's Current Projects


Hogo2.com is an interactive platform for professionals worldwide providing the following alternative services:

  • A stripped down version of Facebook, which has no likes, friend requests, advertisements, data harvesting or messaging other members, with limited meaningful exceptions.
  • A career platform to replace LinkedIn, but very different - much more practical, logical and less expensive.
  • A freelance platform that does not take a 20% (or any %) of the professional’s fees.
  • Encourages members to interact in person rather than online.
  • Where members can create events by topic and location.
  • Meaningful, intelligent, forward thinking and original articles in 6 different categories.


All on one App





One of Barry's smaller projects which he is going to promote across all EU countries in the near future - only five or six members per EU country, so that we get a nice mix.


One of Barry's main beliefs: take power from the few and distribute it to the many. The many will make much better decisions, and for the right reasons.

Barry also has other very interesting and rewarding global projects coming up in the near future.

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